Partner Portal
Build on your success (with AspDotNetStorefront users)

There are still mountains of customized users of AspDotNetStorefront who cannot (or will not) move to our SaaS platform (preFIX).

Vortx plans to 'affiliate' all of these users with a partner, and we want this to be a win-win-win.

Here's the absolute truth. The team at Vortx wishes to hand off the job of keeping their user base updated. The majority of our stores are heavily customized and need help from developers to stay patched/updated and we'd sooner custom providers stepped in.

We face dramatic changes in technology while TLS is updated, Telerik is updated, gateways get updated ... and while hackers find breaches faster than we can plug them.

For every single custom storefront, we want to find an affiliate partner who will work with the store-owner to keep them patched and/or updated. We are offering revenue share, and incentives, and promotions. Our idea is that merchants will be better supported, development companies will be better rewarded and Vortx will be less distracted.

Affiliate Revenue Share

In order to be an Affiliate you must first be either an Associate or Enterprise Partner

Vortx will pay a revenue share for all new purchases made by an affiliated merchant as follows (see terms):

15% recurring
15% recurring
15% recurring
15% recurring

Please, talk to us about the program and join us on our journey.

Why this is a win for the merchant

  • They gain an expert "go-to" partner
  • They get patches/upgrades for free (list price $499/yr)
  • They can add MoreStores for free (list price $625 each)
  • They can use PBU for free (list price $399 each)
  • They are hosted by the experts
  • They are in the right hands (yours!) for upgrades
  • You will apply patches for those who don't upgrade

  • What's the catch?

  • The freebies are for merchants who will host with Vortx

Why this is a win for you, the Affiliate Partner

  • You grow your client portfolio
  • You can offer upgrades, design work, SEO etc.
  • We will provide leads, warm handoff
  • Move some clients to preFIX (recurring rev share)
  • You get paid for Vortx hosting (recurring rev share)
  • Upsell Vortx add-ons (recurring rev share)
  • You find new eCommerce clients

  • What's the catch?

  • We ask you to explicitly register as an Affiliate

Why this is a win for Vortx

  • Our clients are in good hands
  • You move custom-clients to our hosting
  • We focus on non-custom (SaaS) clients, partners take the rest
  • By shifting from service work, we can focus more on product development
  • We strengthen our bench of listed partners

  • What's the catch?

  • We give away our user base ... but into very good hands!

Resources we can provide:

  • Marketing Materials
    We are happy to provide both printed and digital material to back the products and services you wish to market. Often, this material can be white-labeled or co-branded.
  • Your own online store
    If you see value in advertising your own services, and perhaps reselling our products on your website, then we are happy to provide and host a store for you to design, skin and populate. At your request, we can build in a product sync, so that any changes to our range of products is automatically duplicated on your site.
  • Product roadmap
    It is really important that all our advocates and affiliates are aware of our roadmap, and that you feel invited to contribute ideas for development. We have private forums for contribution.